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Origins of the Limousine Airport Transportation.

Hiring limousines for airport transportation is a common practice in modern days. You can also see limos transporting people to parties, weddings, and other events. The luxury of the limo is undeniable, and it is no wonder that important people often use it for private transportation. However, this was not always been so. Here is a short article about the origins of this impressing vehicle – the limousine.

airport transportation serviceThere is a French region that is called Limousin. It is believed that this is how the word limousine was derived. The first limousine was put together in 1902, and it had a design that left the driver outside, placing him under a covered compartment. The cover resembled the raised hood of a cloak that was worn by shepherds in the area of Limousin, which gave the vehicle its name. Another story says that a chauffeur driving the new vehicle had to wear a Limousin-style cloak for protection from bad weather and rain.

In 1916, limousines received their definition as three to five seat vehicles, with a driver’s seat placed on the outside. A limo that had an enclosed driver’s seat was given the name Berline, while Brougham was the limo that had no roof over the chauffeur.

In 1928, “stretch limousines” were introduced in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They were used mainly for the transportation of popular “big band” members and the equipment they carried. These limo-types were known as “big band buses”.

The design of the limousines may have changed, yet their purpose remains nearly the same. Whether you need to get to a special event or you want to hire a limo for your airport transportation needs, we are the company that can provide you with a reliable service in Scottsdale AZ. Call Budget Transportation at (480) 658-0983 to take advantage of our excellent services!

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